Vetri d'Arte by Maria Concetta Malorzo, teacher of art glass, stands out for its collection of works and furnishing, originality of expression,  uniqueness and beauty as well as for that spirit, that fire which animates the inanimate and elevates the status of art objects. Maria ConcettaMalorzo approaches the world of applied art as decorator, but is soon seduced by the primordial magic of glass: the idea of taming a solid material to her own intentions, but at the same time, surrendering to the randomness of the merger with curiosity.

The artistic and craft work is carried out with professionalism, accuracy, quality and timely in deliveries. All products are made exclusively by hand during the first step of the production and then by machine for the fixtures and fittings.
Vases, bowls, lamps, plates, trays, high craftsmanship jewelry are created by the glass fusion technique.
The techniques used consist of: merger with grisaille, fusion with molten glass, thermoformed, gold leaf and silver with precious stones including, tiffany, ligation lead and painting at very high temperature. The laboratory produces stained glass, sacred stained glass and restorations.
The range of colors is almost endless. The choice is dictated by creativity and each time by the desired effect.


Maria Concetta Malorzo lives and works in Brindisi where, after many different experiences as a decorator, she starts to show a particular interest in glass. During a vacation to France, she has the opportunity to see the stained glass of Marc Chagell, and decides to engage in a training program on this material.
Frequenting the "Esquela del Vidrio"  Glass School in Barcellona, Spain, taking a course of high specilization in the workmanship of glass in Italy and abroad, glass blowing with Canadian teacher Giles Bettiston, decorating lustres with Silvano Zamburlin, (grisaglia) with Prof. Mara di Spirito.
She has  participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad(Milan, London, Dubai, Mosca, etc)
She has the 1995 title of Vetri d'Arte "Glass Art" artisian workshop, technically specializing in stain glass, Tiffany, Grisaglie, painting on glass.
For some  years now, she is persuing a course on recycling glass using the leftovers of glass. Collarborating with Michela Specchiarello at the University of Salento, Lecce.
There was born a furniture collection named Arre tu. This name derives from the Salentino dialect that means "New Again".
Using the remains of glass that returns to life becoming an object of design. An object that is reborn again in a form of furniture.
Arre tu was selcted out of twenty firms that operates  in this field, and has participated in the "Green Entrepreneurship Excellence Award", organized for small and medium firms in Puglia, made by the Region of Puglia Agency of Technology and Innovation for the Green Business Project.
Teaching since 1992 decorating and glass workmanship in the art school and privatly.
She has been a guest on many television transmissions as an artist and expert on stained glass: Uno Mattina, Rai, TG2, Rai "not only money", MTV, on the road and Rete 4, cooks with no frontier.
In 2008 she was choosen as the Territorial artist for an exhibition organized by "Unesco". "The Window Designer" Since 2009 a spokesperson for the Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi and the President of the Puglia Region. CNA Artistic and traditional In the month of December 2011 she was nominated President of Female Promotion Committee CCIAA Brindisi.
Her works of art are on exhibition at the National Musuem of glass in Segovia Spain.
The Prefecture of Zante Greece, Town Hall of Igoumeniza Greece, The chapel of Tesoro di San Gennaro of Naples, Town Hall in Brindisi and a number of other private locations.
In 2007 one of her artworks was donated to Holy Blessed Father XVI from the Chamber of Commerce.